All programs are not created the same

  1. No pre-packaged foods. NutriMost creates personalized food plans that focus on fresh, healthy foods that you buy at the market. Our food plans enable you to make informed choices while you enjoy your favorite restaurants. NutriMost food plans are FLEXIBLE. You have options whether you cook for yourself, eat at a friend’s home or even at a restaurant. After all, when was the last time you went out for dinner and saw a person ask their server to heat their prepackaged meal?
  2. No counting points. You have a busy life and enough things to keep track of such as schedules, meetings and homework. With NutriMost, you can focus on your life and not numbers.
  3. Tools to last a lifetime. Do you imagine a lifetime of prepackaged foods or keeping track of points for everything you eat? NutriMost gives you the tools that enable you to make smart choices for a lifetime. Feel better and embrace your life!

The NutriMost Difference

  1. Why is it so easy to gain weight and so difficult to lose weight? Understanding why your body metabolizes the way that it does is a key component to NutriMost Programs. Hormones, chemicals in food and other environmental variables contribute to weight gain and loss. NutriMost will teach you to understand your body’s physiological response and to make decisions that help you achieve your goals.
  2. An intellectual and purposeful approach to wellness and weight loss. Most wellness and weight loss programs are “one size fits all”. NutriMost Wellness and Weight Loss offers completely personalized programs. NutriMost Intelligence generates a road map that includes a food plan, client support and supplements to support nutritional deficiencies and your overall health and well-being. NutriMost Intelligence is the foundation for creating a detailed and unique program just for you!
  3. You are not alone. Any journey is made easier with help. NutriMost provides you with an unparalleled level of support on your Wellness and Weight Loss journey. Our team approach to your weight loss supports you every step of the way.
    • NIVA (NutriMost’s Integrated Virtual Assistant) Text daily progress updates twenty-four hours a day, NIVA interprets daily weights, answers questions and proactively guides you through the Program.
    • Weekly face-to-face meetings with a NutriMost healthcare practitioner or wellness coach.
    • Via social media, a community of NutriMost clients that is more than 7,000 strong offer motivation and support for fellow NutriMost clients.

Program Choices to Fit Your Life.

You are a unique individual unlike anyone else, as should be your wellness and weight loss regime. Your body composition combined with your lifestyle necessitate a program that is designed specifically for YOU. Because NutriMost Wellness and Weight Loss is tailored to fit your specific needs, your customized program alters to accommodate changes in your body and life.

  • NutriMost Ultimate Weight Loss
  • NutriMost Forever

Remote Consultations.

Today, we are busier than ever. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 60% of families, both parents work. We understand that it is difficult to find the time to visit an office. NutriMost happily supports many clients through our remote program. You are entitled to the same benefits and level of service support as clients who visit an office. Near or far, NutriMost will support you with your weight loss and wellness goals!

The Founder of Nutrimost.

Dr. Ray Wisniewski is the creator and founder of NutriMost Wellness and Weight Loss. His passion for helping each person live their MOST healthy life was the foundation for developing the NutriMost program. His appreciation for each person’s unique wellness challenges led to the development of a truly customized plan that provides personalized supplementation and menus, professional supervision, an interactive guidance mobile app and much more.

Dr. Ray has been credited time and again for transforming lives. Many clients have stated that NutriMost Wellness and Weight Loss is the first program that enabled them to successfully achieve their goals.